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Welcome to Lions River Country Cottages

A fragrance of green woody notes,
The soft drumbeats of birds on the wing,
A chorus of roving, rolling hills,
An orchestra of silence, serenity and solitude…

The three essential compositions for restoring the soul.

If your heart yearns for a tranquil blend of seclusion and luxury then Lions River Country Cottages are your perfect escape into the solitude of the countryside.

Tucked alongside the banks of the Lions River, the cottages lie amongst flowing, rolling hills that offer lovers, weary travelers or holiday individuals a serene stay in one of the most picturesque areas of the Midlands.

Here you will be surrounded by 22 hectares of beautiful countryside and pampered by the warm hospitality of Tony and Ann.

Let us tempt you with a choice of luxurious accommodation derived from the names of the flowers to which we have attached each of our cottages.

Rose Cottage | Lavender Cottage | Protea Cottage

Wake up to savour the silence.

Our Cottages...

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Lions River Country Cottages has been named a Best Value Midlands Establishment.
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